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About Us


The Iowa Holstein Association is a membership organization since 1886 and is now 516 members strong. Our purpose is to promote registered Holstein cattle and its breeders and owners within the state of Iowa.

The mission of the Iowa Holstein Association is to act concurrently with the National Association in the promotion and development of registered Holstein cattle. (Adopted by the Iowa Holstein Association Board of Directors, March 15, 2003)

By being a member of our organization you are provided with the opportunity of the following: recognition, shows, promotion, publication, adult and youth convention, scholarship, distinguished service award, master breeder award, outstanding young holstein breeder award and so much more!


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President's Perspective

Hello Iowa Holstein Friends,

    I am honored to be voted in as your new president.  For those who may not know me, I have, along with my wife, Judy, established Wesselcrest Holsteins on our Heritage Farm.  We milk 275 Registered Holstein Cows with 4 Lely robots, just outside of Colesburg, Iowa.  We are in partnership with our two sons: Brent and Staci, and Jason and Stephanie.  We have 8 beautiful grandchildren.  Cambrie is excited to serve as Little Miss Squirt for Clayton County this year.   

    Spring was a challenge again this year, for some more than others.  Our best wishes to those impacted by tornadoes and floods.

   Congratulations to all our award winners at the State Convention held at Promise Land Winery. Dan Moon did a great job as president these past two years.

   We had a successful and very profitable Holstein Sale in March, chaired by Sheri Danhof and Scott Stempfle. The line up of Iowa cattle were awesome.  I think we should have both, happy consignors and happy buyers.  Special thanks to Scott Courtney for auctioneering the sale, and to all the volunteers who helped make the sale a success. Thanks also to Blake Courtney and Shelley Volker for handling the raffle.

    Everybody had a fantastic time on our bus tour to Wisconsin. The cattle were phenomenal at all 6 stops. Thank you to Jess Rediske and Sheri Danhof for helping me coordinate the tour.  I have received many suggestions already, on possibilities for future tours, with varied transportation and locations. etc.  Of course, this will be discussed at future board meetings.

    We will be heading to Lexington, Kentucky in June for the National Convention.  I look forward to being a representative for Iowa, along with Sheri Danhof and Scott Courtney, where our voices on policy are very important.  Good luck to all the Jr. members in the different competitions.  We are Iowa strong!

    Good luck to everyone showing at your county fairs!  The Holstein State Show will be held at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in early Aug.  Remember, we are always looking for volunteers, so please consider lending a hand as needed.

    Our state picnic will be held at Farnear Holsteins at Farley, IA in late Aug. This should be an exciting and must-see tour.  We will be having our committee meetings that day as usual.  We look forward to everyone’s participation and input.

     Always remember, I am only a phone call away for suggestions and concerns.  Everybody, have a safe, blessed, enjoyable and profitable summer!

Walt Wessel, President


Hello Iowa Holstein Members! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Brynlee Volker. I am the 20 year old daughter of Bill & Shellie Volker of Sumner. I have 3 sisters Brylie, Brenna, and Brielle. Currently, I am studying Human Resource Management at Hawkeye Community College.

In my free time I like working with cows, golfing, spending time with friends and family, and going to my family's cabin on the Mississippi River. I’m back for another year of serving as your Princess and can’t wait for the summer ahead.

I will be staying in Cedar Falls and working for the summer and of course helping my mom whenever I have time. I am excited for the district shows and state show and connecting with more members of our association.

If there are any other events you would like me to attend please reach out!

Email: Phone: (319) 240-6266

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