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About Us


The Iowa Holstein Association is a membership organization since 1886 and is now 516 members strong. Our purpose is to promote registered Holstein cattle and its breeders and owners within the state of Iowa.

The mission of the Iowa Holstein Association is to act concurrently with the National Association in the promotion and development of registered Holstein cattle. (Adopted by the Iowa Holstein Association Board of Directors, March 15, 2003)

By being a member of our organization you are provided with the opportunity of the following: recognition, shows, promotion, publication, adult and youth convention, scholarship, distinguished service award, master breeder award, outstanding young holstein breeder award and so much more!


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President's Perspective

As the new president of the Iowa Holstein Association, I would like to thank Carl for his leadership and I will do my best to guide the Association for the next two years.

As most of you know, our State Sale added other breeds this year. I’m sure we will have a discussion on whether to continue this. If you have an opinion one way or the other, please let a board member or sale committee member know. Thanks to Henkeseen Holsteins for consigning our top two sellers this year.

We had another successful raffle. Congratulations to Landon Guese for winning the grand prize, and for selecting a heifer from Brian Harbaugh and Rob Krohlow. Many thanks to Carl Menson for running the raffle. Also thanks to the consignors, buyers, sponsors, and those who supported the sale and raffle.

Another exciting event is our State Show. It will be held at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in West Union on August 3rd and 4th. There is always good competition and fellowship. Thanks to District 1 and Paul Stempfle for organizing this event.

Be sure to attend our State Picnic on August 28th at Dan and Lynn Bolin’s New Day Dairy Farm in Clarksville. Check out their robotic barn and unique agritourism venture.

Dan Moon, President


Hello Everyone!

My name is Naomi Scott and I am pleased to introduce myself as one of the 2022 Iowa Holstein Princesses. I am the 19-year-old daughter of Mike and Kathleen Scott of Westgate, IA. I grew up on my family’s small registered Holstein farm, which has given me the opportunity to be involved with many Holstein and dairy-related activities! I have been a member of the Iowa Junior Holstein Association since the age of nine and have participated in state conventions along with national conventions. Through 4-H I have participated in Dairy Judging at a county, state, and national levels. I also enjoyed Dairy Quiz Bowl and showing throughout the summer.

I am just finishing my freshman year at Kaskaskia College in Illinois majoring in Agriculture Science. At Kaskaskia College, I am part of the Dairy Judging team and a vice president of the Agriculture Club. This summer I will be interning at Rolling Lawn Registered Holsteins and the Milkhouse in Greenville, IL. On my weekends home, I enjoy helping on the farm and spending time with my friends and family. I am excited to spend time at the Iowa Holstein shows this summer and hopefully have the opportunity to meet more of Iowa’s Holstein breeders! If there is an event you would like me to help advocate for the Holstein Industry at, please reach out! My email is and my phone number is 563-637-2386

Have a wonderful summer!

Naomi Scott

Hello Iowa Holstein Members,

My name is Brynlee Volker and I am serving as one of your Iowa Holstein Princesses. I am the 19 year old daughter of Bill & Shellie Volker of Sumner, Iowa. I work for my uncle Jason Volker milking 170 Registered Holsteins in Maynard. Currently, I am attending Hawkeye Community College where I am studying communications. Once I am done with my two year degree I will be transferring to the University of Northern Iowa.

Throughout my time in the Iowa Junior Holstein Association I have served as reporter and I am currently serving treasurer. I have competed in Junior Jeopardy, Intermediate Jeopardy, Junior Dairy Bowl, Senior Dairy Bowl, Digital Scrapbook and Scrapbook at National Holstein Convention. In 2018, I was on the winning Junior Dairy Bowl team and helped complete the winning Scrapbook.

I look forward to talking to all of you and seeing you at various Iowa Holstein events. If you ever need anything please reach out to me. My email is and my phone number is (319) 240-6266.

Kind regards,

Brynlee Volker

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