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President's Perspective

As the new president of the Iowa Holstein Association, I would like to thank Carl for his leadership and I will do my best to guide the Association for the next two years.

As most of you know, our State Sale added other breeds this year. I’m sure we will have a discussion on whether to continue this. If you have an opinion one way or the other, please let a board member or sale committee member know. Thanks to Henkeseen Holsteins for consigning our top two sellers this year.

We had another successful raffle. Congratulations to Landon Guese for winning the grand prize, and for selecting a heifer from Brian Harbaugh and Rob Krohlow. Many thanks to Carl Menson for running the raffle. Also thanks to the consignors, buyers, sponsors, and those who supported the sale and raffle.

Another exciting event is our State Show. It will be held at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in West Union on August 3rd and 4th. There is always good competition and fellowship. Thanks to District 1 and Paul Stempfle for organizing this event.

Be sure to attend our State Picnic on August 28th at Dan and Lynn Bolin’s New Day Dairy Farm in Clarksville. Check out their robotic barn and unique agritourism venture.

Dan Moon, President