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Iowa Holstein Association Junior & State/District 8 Show

August 1st and 2nd in Manchester, Iowa at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. Check back for results.

Sunny Farnear.jpg

Iowa Holstein State Picnic

Farnear Holsteins is owned by Tom & Rick Simon, along with their sons, Adam and Mark. Cows are housed in a robot barn consisting of  9 Lely robots built in 2021 for exceptional cow comfort. The Simon's are currently milking 540 cows in total. Current lactation average is 29,400 pounds, 1,257 pounds, of  fat, and 1,031 pounds protein.

Farnear Holsteins was established in 1960. Tom and Rick breed their animals for a wide variety of traits to reach all markets within the gentic field. They have exhinited five homebred Grand Champions at the Iowa State Fair. Adler is now classified at EX-96 and has been named Unanimous All-American Production Cow. Altitude-Red and Delta-Lambda have sired numerous class winners at national shows across North America. Tom and Rick have also sold over 350 bulls that have been sold to numerous A.I. studs.

Farnear Holsteins | 11:00 a.m.

Lunch Served at Farnear Holsteins| 12:00 p.m.

More details to come! Please watch our Facebook for additional details.

Committee Meetings & Board Meeting to Follow

Address: 10664 Cemetery RD, Farley, IA 52046


2-6 World Dairy Expo 2023, Madison Wisconsin


1.   Advertising Deadline for the December Iowa Holstien Herald/Junior Issue

1    Adult Annual Association Awards Nominations are due

18  Executive Board Meeting @ 9am Gus and Tony’s Townhouse Cafe in West Union

18  Board Meeting @ 10:15am Gus and Tony’s Townhouse Cafe in West Union


TBA  Iowa Junior Convention


1   Advertising Deadline for the March Iowa Holstein Herald/Midwest Holsteins

1   IHA Memberships Due

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